Diemonde x VOGUE

Diemonde x VOGUE


In 2015 Da Silveira launched his own “street meets tailoring” brand. Streetwear as a genre was slow to develop in Sweden, but Diemonde was on top of the trend, and the vibe. “Street,” says the designer is a “go-getter mindset” that can take you from nothing to something. “Street is being creative,” chimes in Ellen Elias, the brand’s art director and stylist. “Street” is also, suggests Jimmie Temesgen Sandberg, the head of sales, the lingua franca of a new generation. “The start-up or the creative mentality,” he notes, “was nothing that was popping when we were growing up.” 

Times have changed, and Diemonde is leading the way in terms of diversity, and social responsibility in Stockholm. “This constellation,” says Elias, a Swedish-Eritrean, pointing to herself, Da Silvera, and Sandberg, who is an Ethiopian-Swede, on a Zoom call, “is very rare.” Diemonde’s small edit of unisex designs are remixes of familiar silhouettes. The brand’s hero piece is the midsummer eve’s jacket. Based on the classic denim model, it’s cropped, with pockets neatly at the side seams. For fall 2020, there’s a more shrunken version made from upcycled upholstery fabric, an eye-catching safety orange hunting vest, and a navy chalk-stripe set nicely mitred at the side seams that’s a spin-off of the classic track suit.

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