Diemonde was founded by Angelo da Silveira determined to impact the fashion industry and challenge the narrative of Scandinavian culture, luxe and style. Da silveira describes Diemonde as “more than a fashion brand, a tool to drive innovation and culture from Sweden to the world”.

Venturing into the fashion industry, Angelo da Silveira became a pioneer for the new wave of young Scandinavian creatives with a cross-cultural heritage. Undeterred from gatekeepers, he followed his passion, learning his craft through a "learning by doing" mindset inherited from the streets. Diemondes global street culture meets Scandinavian-minimalism aesthetic has allowed the brand to successfully progress the country's take on style to better match the energy of a new generation.

The name is a portmanteau of "die" and "monde," which together symbolize the death of the unsustainable practices that have led the world to its current state, and the birth of a new world, where fashion is not only beautiful but also responsible.