"Disruptive in my sense means being something that has not yet existed, being one of a kind, being yourself"

NAME Jesper Smeding 

AGE 20

ART FORM Photography

WORK WITH Photography


The theme song of my life is All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem. It is a really nice song with a beautiful message. James Murphy - the frontman of LCD Soundsystem reflects over adulthood, career, and youth almost to the point where you can feel his anxiety and overthinking about aging. I feel like I can relate a lot to James even though we are in different phases of life. Just like him, I sometimes feel stuck just by the thought of growing up and having to deal with drastic changes

WHAT WORD DID YOU CHOOSE?I chose DISRUPTIVE as the word to interpret. For me, being disruptive includes being both brave and powerful. Disruptive in my sense means being something that has not yet existed, being one of a kind, being yourself. Similarly to the name of Diemonde’s latest collection Crospire, Acrospire means “the sprout of a grain seed or the birth of a plant”.

I chose to not only interpret the word disruptive, but to reflect over the ways you can metaphorize the two words; ACROSPIRE and DISRUPTIVE which created this.

A three-part story.

The 3 phases of talent. 

Firstly, you are a sprout with a subconscious talent being told you have “something” but have not yet found it yourself.

Then, you discover it, realize your true strength, and work your way up and reach your own expression through that talent.

Lastly, you find peace with your talent and use it the way you want it to be used - in a disruptive way.

Finding your own ways to create, your own direction, outside the box.

This is the process of acknowledging your talent.

Before, during, after. 

The beginning, the struggle, and the end.

The introduction, the guidance, and the summary.


Jesper Smeding  


Elis Lindsten 


Venus Rami

Foday Karamo Jawla