We strive to create a common ground, designed to inspire the youth to be brave, disruptive, and powerful. The kind of common ground we ourselves were missing from the fashion scene when we grew up. Our purpose has always been to motivate and inspire the new generation by redefining the narrative of Swedish culture. We believe it’s important to show that there are new routes in society. 

It doesn’t have to come down to “doing your thing” the traditional way to succeed.In line with our core beliefs we have created the slogan #SaveTheYouth which demonstrates our work to share our platform and inspire the youth through different medias. To continue on our mission we are now inviting three young creatives to interpret our founding words being; BRAVE  DISRUPTIVE  POWERFUL in their creative expression. 

We can proudly present the creatives 

Jesper Smeding

Paloma Demanet

Ronson Huynh