For those of you who do not know Timbuktu aka Jason Diakite, he is a Swedish pioneer and legend in music and culture. He is and has been a role model who has inspired a whole generation of Swedes. We are super happy to make this exclusive collaboration where our values and visions meet. It has been an inspiring process to create these garments with Michael Bekele who is the creative Director for Timbuktu. 

Why did you choose to collaborate with Diemonde to create your merch?

“I have long admired Diemonde and am very happy that we were able to work with a brand with such healthy and important values. We speak a common language and it is extremely strong and inspiring to see that Diemonde really stands for what they say in terms of inclusion and sustainability. ”

- Jason Diakite aka Timbuktu

What does the artwork represent four you?

"This flag is our flag. The artwork is a representation of how you claim and define your own Sweden. The flag makes reference to the AfroAmerican flag, the Swedish flag and to WestAfrican hand printing and colouring techniques. The flag is a positive, inclusive and uplifting symbol that invites people to proudly take their own place and voice in Swedish society."

- Michael Bekele - Creative Director Timbuktu