Togolese-Swedish designer Angelo da Silveira is shaking up the fashion industry with his clothing label Diemonde. Combining streetwear with Swedish minimalism, Silveira's latest collection is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. He's determined to use fashion as a way to build a platform that can change the portrait of his generation and create a positive impact for society. Not only that, the brand is also leading the way in terms of sustainability, with an eco-friendly production model that saves resources and reduces environmental footprint.

"Few designers have as much poise and a clear point of view as self-taught, Togolese-Swedish designer Angelo da Silveira, whose latest collection for his clothing label Diemonde combines streetwear with Swedish minimalism. The collection, or “concept,” as Silveira describes it, will officially debut in Paris at the Swedish Institute of Culture during Paris Fashion Week, but we were treated to a preview of what he describes as Diemonde’s best drop yet, as it sums up the brand identity perfectly by balancing contrast."

There are those in fashion who brag about using clothes as a medium for change, and then there are people like Angelo de Silveira who actually do it.

Creative Director Angelo da Silveira, has quickly become a leader in the urbanwear market with its unique blend of streetwear and Scandi minimalism. Not only are the pieces well-made and easy to wear for anyone, but the brand also operates a small-batch, eco-friendly production factory called Fugeetex, which Angelo plans to open up to other local, like-minded designers. With the use of leftover fabrics and familiar shapes from previous collection

After the debut at Stockholm Fashion Week Nick Carvell sat down with our founder Angelo Da Silveira to talk about Diemonde and our identity as a brand.