Diemonde and SNS launch the Neighborhood Superstars collection with a shared purpose to create a common platform that lifts the new generation, Diemonde and SNS enter into a collaboration and launch the collection Neighborhood Superstars 2022-08-26. Neighborhood Superstars is the name of the collaborative collection to channel the energy and power of youth. In the campaign, Diemonde and SNS have chosen to include young culture bearers from Stockholm who inspire and influence cultural change on Stockholm's streets.

"For us, it is important to lift up and work with young brands/creators. Since SNS and Diemonde stand for the same things, it was a matter of course for us to make this collection together with Angelo and his team." - Johan Undén, senior design director

Save the youth Diemonde's slogan save the youth is deepened in the mission to create the conditions for a new generation of leaders, as Diemonde is the main sponsor of the soccer club BK Ettfyra in Örebro and is involved in the integration project for newcomers with a craft background in Örebro, as well as sharing his platform with young creators in his pop-up concept store with brilliant minds to create a common platform for a new generation. The kind of platform that Diemonde's founder Angelo da Silveira lacked from the creative scene during his upbringing and in his quest to create expressions for a multidimensional Sweden.

"We are very excited to collaborate with SNS in this campaign to celebrate young creators from our shared community in Stockholm. Having the opportunity to create with a local brand from Stockholm that has made it to the absolute highest level globally is super inspiring. It is a validation of what we are doing with Diemonde but also an opportunity for us to include and elevate creators that we believe deserve to be seen and heard. When SNS wanted to do this with us, it was clear that we shared several core values. Not least our heritage from street culture in Sweden and also the desire to create better conditions for our community through the empowerment of the new generation." - Angelo da Silveira, founder, and CEO.

Made in Sweden made in Sweden is Diemonde's vision to interpret contemporary Swedish culture in everything that is created. From lookbooks, concepts, and storytelling to how the garments are produced. Moving 80% of production to Sweden and being able to offer customers transparency is a big step towards that vision.

The neighborhood superstars will launch on 2022-08-26 and be sold at and in-store.


Paul Adamah 


Etchell Dorkenoo


Senay Berhe

Styling/Art Direction:

Ellen Elias

Creative Director:

Angelo da Silveira